PADI Open Water Diver Course English vir again in Hidaka Wakayama

I did OWD course in English again.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

This time student come from Germany.

( We have English course for foreigner in Osaka Kitahama Diving School BLUE LAGOON .

If there is some one who can not speak Japanese well,but who can speak English,please ask my diving shop. )

Well, I’m surprising about the number of last blog’s reader.

Always my blog’s reader number is about 150~200.

But last time blog which I wrote in English is only about 50 .

That means many Japanese doesn’t read English blog, that fact made me surprise.

(Even the PADI staff who always presses the “like button” doesn’t read it…(;´・ω・)

But I think that I want all Japanese people to be more familiar with English,so I write this time in English,too.

Using English will make your friend more in the world.

I know my English is not so good but I have the mind to want to tell a lot of things to many people.

In this case the mind is the most important thing I think.

So please read this even if it’s troublesome.

(My web sight has “Language button ” or  you can use translate function on google chrome too. )

By the way, let’s return to talk about the diving.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

This morning I saw the submarine near by Dock.

I am just surprised this bay has such a deep point.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

There is a lot of horse mackerel again.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

In Japan there is the story , after the “Obon” jellyfish will be  a lot.

“Obon”is the common  traditional custom which is visiting a grave for our ancestor in Japan.

Actually this time I saw a lot of jellyfish and I felt the story is correct.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

There is beautiful sea anemone that we called “Sand sea anemone”.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

This is a seahorse.

His mimic is very good enough that I could not find him.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

This is the cleaner shrimp.

He has a habit to clean some other fish.

After this picture , he get on student’s hand and cleaned it.

大阪北浜ダイビングスクールBLUE LAGOONダイビングショップの英語コース

Now he is going back to Germany for summer vacation.

I heard Germany summer is cooler than Japan , I jealous it.

When you come back to Japan in November, let’s go to diving again.

Thank you !


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